Crypsis releases his beast-like tune "Combination Style"

Posted on 2019-01-01

2018 was a spectacular year for the Main MF'er Crypsis, who showed his unwavering strength through major tunes such as 'The E,' 'Vol Gas Met Die Bas' with D-Fence, 'Razor' with Radical Redemption and the Minus is More group-track 'Brothers In Sound.' No matter what, Crypsis always manages to pump out solid tunes that tantalise listeners with all sorts of pounding flavours.

Ending a killer year with a BANG, Crypsis reveals an outstanding hit that goes core-deep into his legacy. "Combination Style" is a track that blends his beloved earlier style with modern technique - which is undeniably the herbs and spices for the PERFECT track. All you gotta to is experience the magic for yourself...