Destructive Tendencies share an important announcement!

Posted on 2017-08-03

Destructive Tendencies have announced that Daniel will no longer take part in the act.


"Guys, it’s with heavy hearts that Daniel has decided to walk a different path from Destructive Tendencies. FEAR NOT - there is no bad vibes with this one :P, Daniel has another career outside of music, along with a wife. He’s made the tough decision to move away from DT and focus solely on these elements of his life - to grow his business and spend more time with his family.

So, what’s does that mean for DT? Don't you worry, it’s business as usual! Mick & Joey will be pushing DT to further heights with new tunes and a diary rammed full, where you can expect to see the debut of new ‘live’ shows, amongst many other exciting developments.

It’s time to give Daniel the send-off he deserves! His last international performance will be THIS SATURDAY at AIRFORCE FESTIVAL. His last UK performance will be NEXT WEEKEND at BOOMTOWN Festival on the Saturday.

We hope you, the amazing DT Army will be out in full support where Danny will be thanking you all personally.

Dan, from Mick & Joey, we thank you for the past 5 years. You already heard it, but good luck with everything and much love to you and the family.

Mick & Joey."