D-Sturb releases his Level 6 track "The Ultimate"

Posted on 2019-07-01

Six levels, six challenges, six unique performances. D-Sturb's live-act 'The Next Level' has stayed true to its name since the grand premiere at Supremacy 2018, as this golden boy blew the minds of thousands with the interactive and visually stunning concept. Five of the six levels required D-Sturb to create a distinctive remix that would be showcased during the performance, however the sixth level required a lot more creative courage; D-Sturb had to create a track to outdo them all.

"The Ultimate" represents all eras of D-Sturb and is the 'ultimate' (literally) showcase of what he stands for as an artist. Thunderous kicks, the catchiest melody of all-time and stunning vocals from known collaborator Emese is what you'll catch in this final 'Next Level' track.