Most Wanted DJ welcomes: Juliëx!

Posted on 2018-08-20

MWDJ welcomes Juliëx!

Fresh, fiery and determined, Juliëx is an Uptempo chick that you definitely need to keep on your radar! Pursuing her ultimate dream to send crowds into a frenzy with intense beats and pristine mixing, there’s absolutely no slowing down this femme fatale on her path to glory.

Julia Aink, aka Juliëx, grew up around music in her day to day life. During her teens, her father taught her how to mix and from that moment on, she continued to express herself and develop.

With a blazing passion for music that dates back many years, since the day Juliëx was able to attend festivals, she instantly felt a connection with the music, stage and lifestyle. Once perfecting her technique, Juliëx got herself known in her local scene, which is where it all started. Her breakthrough was undoubtedly her performance at UNITY Radio, which sparked interest and led to one of her first big bookings outside of her region – namely at Decade in Hemkade, Zaandam.

As the icing on the cake, Juliëx took the wheels of steel at Dominator and AIRFORCE Festival this year, where she proved her skills to everyone!

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