Killshot's mini album 'Beastmode' is OUT NOW

Posted on 2019-10-17

We are all BEASTS! The time has come for End of Line Recordings’ endless source of energy to embark on a new journey. After his fast rise to triumph, Killshot has accepted the challenge to showcase himself like never before. Proudly presenting his new live-act and mini album, ‘BEASTMODE’ will make you unleash your inner beast at full force.

Released on a luxurious USB product, which sold out shortly after the release date, the 'Beastmode' mini album contains six new Killshot solos, including his destroying 'Beastmode 3.0' and 'Never Be Us', which Killshot has been teasing during his recent sets. 

'Beastmode' showcases Killshot in his purest form. High-energy, big vibes, no bullshit and raging dance-floor attitude!