Posted on 2016-07-07

​News of this proportion is out of this world!
Hardcore superstar Mad Dog has worked in absolute secrecy on the next step in his impressive career.
After all the successes, countless hits and performances on all the major stages, Filippo Calcagni needed a new challenge in life.
After he started talking with industry leading artists such as AniMe, Unexist and the extremely talented Tears of Fury, it was clear they all had the same ideas and future vision.
A new record label under the name DOGFIGHT was the answer to the enormous creative hunger.
All artists will fuel the labels engine with their new music. Operational Mad Dog will be responsible for the A&R, signing of new talent and will be the labels mentor for those who need music production guidance. 
For the expertise on marketing strategies and professional artist management DOGFIGHT started a collaboration with the industry leading Most Wanted DJ Agency.
With a memorable view at the past, all the artists looks eager towards their prosperous future.
Filled with pride they present the hardcore label of tomorrow: DOGFIGHT!