Most Wanted DJ welcomes: Sjammienators

Posted on 2020-07-01

High-speed torpedo Gordon van Asselt, aka Sjammienators, is a true bandit of the fast and energetic Uptempo Hardcore sound. Possessing a clear knack for producing fast-paced and zingy beats that pump up every affair, Sjammienators often merges well-known samples with catchy melodies, a brisk tempo and a party-starting character. Tracks such as “Flappie”, “Superman”, “Counting Sheep”, “Hardcore Is Leven” and “Life’s A Bitch” have been major hits in the Uptempo community thanks to their unique style, lively vibe and in your face energy.

Sjammienators is also no stranger to raising hell during his relentless and speedy performances at major festivals like Dominator, Masters of Hardcore, Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor Festival, Snakepit, Harmony of Hardcore, Thunderdome, Ibiza Goes Hard, The Qontinent and many more.

Plenty of dynamic bangers and amusement are on the horizon for Sjammienators, stick around to witness it!