Most Wanted DJ Agency welcomes: Rooler

Posted on 2018-10-26

We'd like to give a warm welcome to our latest addition to the Most Wanted DJ Agency family. With pride, we can announce that we will be handling bookings for Rooler. 

In between the many shades of ordinary, there come rare breeds of exceptional talent that are on a blazing mission to ignite the world with their individuality and evidently change the game. Prodigious all-rounder Rooler is one of these individuals.

Combining his undeniable flair with a solid work ethic and audacious determination, the Italian-born producer and DJ represents one of Hardstyle’s most inspirational success stories. Beginning his journey as a bedroom producer and enthusiast of the music, Christopher was determined to follow his innate passion to express himself through his music and persona. Proving that hard work and a resolute mind-set can help you achieve just about anything, within a short matter of time, Rooler placed himself on the map all thanks to his daring style of producing, as well as down-to-Earth and natural character.

Music-wise, Rooler is no stranger to pumping out hits from his studio. Well-known tunes such as “YES!,” “Domination” “Survive The Street” with Sefa and “Watch Your Back” with Malice and Warface threw a spanner in the works and sparked a fresh and exciting new chapter for Hardstyle.

This Italian-turned-Dutchie will surprise you in more ways than one. From his energising performances, to refreshing discography, or his genuine character, Rooler is an authentic full-package artist.